1 May 2013

Interview: Meet RainSonata + FREE DL

Sergio Díez (RainSonata)

"The best advice ever: never give up. Seriously, even if you consider yourself the worst, the only thing you need to get better as a producer is to enjoy what you compose."

Sergio Díez (RainSonata)

Sergio Diez began his journey into trance at the very early age of 12, and has continued to master this beautiful genre by creating his own trance music through his stage name of RainSonata. His music is a combination of uplifting melodies packed with emotion, classical trance tunes and up-beat and fast paces electro vibes. RainSonata dedicates his spare time to his laptop and trance music software FL Studio, where he learns and practises the art of trance production, consistently impressing his fans with incredible tunes. At the age of 15 Sergio has already built a community of loving fans, making Sergio a child prodigy for his ability to understand the elements and techniques used by many of the greatest trance artists. This is one artist to check out, especially seeing that he's got many years ahead of him to become a pronounced trance musician in his country, Spain. 

Full Name: Sergio Díez 
Age: 15 
Hometown: Barakaldo, Basque 
Country: Spain

What made you get into the music of trance?

It’s a funny story: back in 2010, when I was 12, I started listening to "trance,” which was mostly mainstream techno songs posted on Youtube. It was during this time that I came across Imperfect Hope. It was only when I later discovered that he was a trance producer, and because I though his music was trance (when in actual fact it was techno) I became very excited and decided to share this with him! But after a few discussions and listening to Andy Blueman, it was only then when I really discovered the true world of trance music.

How would describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?

That’s a very difficult question! Hmm, if I had to attribute it an adjective, it would be emotional. At least, that’s what I want to convey with my music.

Which place do you originate from? How popular is trance music in your hometown?

I'm from the Basque Country, autonomous community of Spain. I don't know in the rest of Spain, but here it's far from being popular... Still, I can't say much more because yet I can't get into the night clubs, hahaha.

How do you produce your music? What kind of equipment do you require?

I make my music with love and a lot of effort, nothing more! For equipment, I just have my beloved laptop with FL Studio. Also, I don’t consider it necessary to have anything more than that, I’m fine this way!

Have you ever considered making vocal trance music?

I’ve thought about it sometimes, but I’ve never worked with vocals. But well, it’s about time, no?

Every trance artist will have their own favorites. List yours. 

It’s really hard to decide, because there are a lot! If I would have to choose 5, they would be Ronny K, Illitheas, Soundlift, Sound Apparel and the master of masters, Andy Blueman!

Who are your inspirations in life?

I only have a few inspirations: my friend Joel (a.k.a Imperfect Hope), my mother, and obviously, all the persons who make real trance.

How is it possible to create a successful trance melody?

The secret is being inspired and motivated to do it. Nothing more. If you aren't in that state, it's hard to do something good.

Your quite young and so you give other trance youngsters one piece of advice you believe is important to follow?

Perseveration and desire to improve. And the best advice ever: never give up. Seriously, even if you consider yourself the worst, the only thing you need to get better as a producer is to enjoy what you compose.

Do you have any other special skills?
Actually, other than that, nope. I have my whole life ahead of me, so I’m not very worried about that! With the music I’m fine.

What should your fans be expecting in the future?

A collab with my friend Imperfect Hope. It will be an emotional bomb! Other than that, I haven’t thought a lot of what I’ll do in the future, but be sure that I’ll be making uplifting 100% of the time!

Take a listen to RainSonata below:

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