4 April 2013

Interview: Meet Andrew Vas

"The Russian trance community is gradually progressing every day. I'm very glad to see this transition and acceptance of the trance genre by my people."

- Andrew Vas

Andrew Vas is a successful youngster in is the trance genre  who is a motivated producer and has a vision to create new-age uplifting and dream-like trance melodies. He is hoping to transform the country of Russia into a trance loving nation. He is also a talented stage person, who enjoys the arts field, spending time doing productions, making music, and creating visual masterpieces. This multi-talented guy was kind enough to speak with MelodicTrance on his journey as a trance producer. Take a read below.

Full Name: Andrey Vasyuk
Age: 19 
Hometown: Novosibirsk, Russia

Describe your first experience with trance music?

My first trance experience was when I came across Tiesto's tracks "Adajio for strings" and "Traffic". I began devotedly listening to trance after I heard Armin Van Buuren's track "In and Out of Love". This lead to me becoming a daily listener of the ASOT radioshow,  which I still continue to hear. 

You seem quite young. When did you start getting into the production of trance music?

I’ve only recently started making trance music. It’s been only 8-10 months (still under a year) of producing my own tracks. 

Each trance artist has a unique aspect to their music. How would you summarise the type of music you create? 

Hmm.. It's very difficult question for... The emotions I feel when I listen to my own music would be different to the emotions my listeners may feel. I can't find words to describe this feeling. I think the listeners of my music can do a better job at explaining my trance sound. But what I do know is that my music is made for relaxing the mind and for listening to while dreaming. 

How difficult was it to learn the skills in making a finished trance melody? 

It’s definitely not easy work to produce quality trance music. I think you have to keep learning on a daily basis, and also be consistent with your practice (everyday and all the time). There are no limits to making the so-called “ideal,” track. Everything is acceptable with reasoning, heart, commitment and effort. 

I'm not that aware of the trance community in Russia. Is it well looked upon over there? 

The Russian trance community is gradually progressing every day. I'm very glad to see this transition and acceptance of the trance genre by my people. But I can also say that nobody plays trance in the clubs. It's not a very popular kind of genre in those sorts of places. There have been the occasional trance parties in the country. For this reason, trance fans are forced therefore to visit Ukraine or Belarus to really find and enjoy the trance-club atmosphere. I was very upset when I heard that ASOT 600 will not visit Russia any time soon. 

Tell me your favorite trance artists. Is this where you get your inspiration from while making tracks? 

My all-time favorite trance producers are: Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Above & Beyond. In my recent times I have also come to enjoy trance by Andrew Rayel's and W&W tracks. I find inspiration for my music through my everyday life events. For example, inspiration usually visits me when I go for a quick walk outdoors. 

Which kind of trance do you enjoy hearing the most? Select a genre?

I LOVE every genres of trance! It is super difficult for me to recognize and narrow down to a personal favorite. I think I enjoy mostly vocal trance, classical trance and the popular genre of progressive trance. 

What do you believe is the ultimate secret in becoming as skilled like the masters of trance such as Armin Van Buuren? 

The secret is very simple! You must love the music you make, and you must put your heart and soul in the production of each track 

Trance is becoming more popular as a choice of entry in music. What piece of advice can you offer for those trying to make it as a producer? 

You must not stop producing and you must not stop learning. If at first you don’t succeed at first, try, try and try again until you master your mistakes! 

Are there any other talents you've been noted to have?

Haha!! Good question! I think my friends can answer this question better than I can for myself.  We have conducted theatrical performances at school and people have said to me that i'm a great artist. 

What do you have installed for us in the future?

I am currently working on the remaining tracks that I will include in collection (you can call it album), Fireland is the first track from my new collection "I saw a falling star". Now I  will be writing tracks for this collection. I think it will be very cool. I think I am the harshest critic of my tracks but I am pleased with my upcoming tracks, so that is a bonus. 

Take a listen to his most recent release FireLand:

Andrew Vas - FireLand (Original Mix)

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